New York State allows you to complete the required 75 hours of education in three different ways:

1. Traditional Classroom Instruction.

Every Tuesday & Wednesday evening we hold classes at our Buffalo (Williamsville) location beginning at 5:30pm and finishing approx. 6 weeks later. Our modular format covers a different required topic each evening until all necessary items are covered. 

We also offer day classes Monday through Thursday at our Williamsville location. Attend half or full days. Once you complete all 14 sessions you are eligible to take the school exam. 

Day students can attend evening sessions as well (great if you're in a rush and want to finish more quickly) - the most flexible program in New York State. Just $550 for our Day Option.

2. Blended Real Estate Instruction

One-third of the 75 hour program may be completed on-line and the balance must be completed in the classroom. This is the best of both worlds - this option is


3. 100% Online Instruction

The final option allows the student to complete the entire course from home except for the final exam which is always required to be proctored by the school. 

Request a schedule by texting us 24 hours a day at our TEXT only number:  (914) 768-8797

or email us at:

or call during normal

business hours at  (716) 633-9009

You cannot switch to any live version of the course if you start with the online program (in other words, you cannot get credit for the time you spent online or tuition paid for online).